ICCan seeks to provide opportunities for people to LEARN about inclusion. We take a lifespan approach to inclusion whereby we believe learning about inclusion starts in childhood and individuals continue learning throughout their lives. Through the dissemination of information, resource guides and webinars we hope to provide communities with the knowledge and tools necessary to create inclusive opportunities for children and youth.  On this page you will find our current learning opportunities that you can use to make your community spaces a more inclusive place!

Inclusive Communities Webinar Series

ICCan is currently running webinar series and associated certificate programs to assist you with your current or future involvement with children and youth. The goal with these webinars is to provide you the knowledge, skills and confidence to foster inclusion within the environments with which you are involved. See below for our current webinars and how to join! 


Summer, 2021

Challenger Baseball teaches athletes living with disabilities the core life skills inherent to baseball, including: teamwork, communication, determination, resiliency, inclusion, support and courage. Join the Blue Jays Care Foundation for a training session on their Challenger Baseball Program! 



Inclusive Recreation | Inclusive Recreation Certificate

May - June, 2021 

This webinar series is designed for recreation staff, camp counsellors and coaches who would like to learn more about how they can provide a more inclusive experience for children and youth. By attending all three webinars and associated consolodation activities you will recieve ICCan's Inclusive Recreation Certificate acknowledging your participation in the webinar series.

Kindness, Inclusion and Diversity (KID) Guide



We all play a role in making communities more inclusive. We believe learning about inclusion begins in childhood and we continue learning and growing throughout our lives. While it is important that community leaders (e.g., teachers, camp counsellors, coaches, recreational staff) understand the importance of inclusion and how to create inclusive environments, it is also important that kids themselves understand and have the knowledge to be inclusive as well. This resource is designed for community leaders to teach kids about kindness, inclusion and diversity.

This free guide consists of age appropriate games and activities that you can use to teach the kids you work with about inclusion. The KID guide consists of nearly 50 games and activities to help you teach about the importance of kindness, inclusion and diversity in a fun and engaging way in your classroom, sport, camp or recreational program. Use the activities as is or add your own unique spin to them!

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